PRESS RELEASE: Whimzy Tees Teams with Ulule

Anita DavenportJun 24, '20

We are launching a new collection via the Ulule crowdfunding platform. We chose this option as a great way to bring attention to our store, raise funds and showcase our newest collection: The Pinup Girl. This private and exclusive collection is only available to contributors / users of the Ulule platform. This groundbreaking new collection, the Pinup Girl, celebrates and embraces the power of the feminine divine within all of us and to challenge societal norms. It's a 'no holds barred, no excuses, and no fucks given!" approach to fashion. We think you'll love it!

Whimzy Tees Garners a Win

Anita DavenportFeb 13, '20

Whimzy Tees continues to set itself apart from its competitors with its focus on incorporating vibrantly-colored art, a mis-match of patterning (sometimes combining four or more patterns/backgrounds into one garment); and sourcing non-mainstream designs. Because items are made to order and not mass produced or warehoused, Whimzy Tees is able to keep its carbon footprint small and offer fresh selections every few weeks. A love of art and artistic expression is clear throughout their store; and of course, a love of all things whimsical.  They believe clothing should not only be practical but fun as evidenced by their Dog Dayz, Carnivale, and Cat-e-chism lines. It's textile/applied arts on steroids that appeals to a particular niche market who appreciates art, bold colors, and unique patterning not found elsewhere.  And, their new collaboration with Mr Hydde is further testament to their eye to the unusual...the unique...the colorful world that is art.

Whimzy Tees Releases Koala-Ki Collection

Anita DavenportFeb 7, '20

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 7, 2020 CONTACT:Anita Davenportanita@whimzytees.com650-395-7458 Los Gatos, CA ( Whimzy Tees Releases Koala-Ki Collection Browse the new Koala-Ki collection that's exclusively available now from Whimzy Tees. Whimzy Tees founder designed the line to celebrate Australia's wildlife and the challenges it now faces.   Keywords: exclusive, koala, australia fires, THORN, RAINN...

Whimzy Tees Releases Geoffrey Bean Collection

Anita DavenportFeb 6, '20

Whimzy Tees is pleased to release our Geoffrey Bean Collection, an exclusive line that celebrates the camel / dromadaire. Camel dromedarius, one of three surviving species of camels, is native to Arabia where it continues to be relied upon for trade and transportation. This new Geoffrey Bean Collection pays homage to the Arabian and Bactrian camel with one-of-a-kind clothing articles and accessories that are made to order. Whimzy Tees is thrilled to celebrate the personable and indispensable camel in this collection that’s now available on the company’s webstore.  Discover your new look by shopping with Whimzy Tees today. Peruse the eclectic new camel-inspired Geoffrey Bean collection or other lines that are also noted for their fashion-forward designs and high-quality fabrics. Each item in the Geoffrey Bean collection is coordinated with every other, so you can mix and match the articles to create your own signature look. The line boasts vibrant shades of pink, green, maroon, black, and tan; often mixed into unique mosaics. Items also reveal bold contrasting patterns such as paisley, stripes, and geo. Colors and patterns combine to create clothing you simply cannot find anywhere else except the Whimzy Tees webstore. 

Whimzy Tees Releases a New Collection - la Parisienne

Anita DavenportJan 9, '20

Whimzy Tees Releases a New Collection - la Parisienne     Metadata Title: Whimzy Tees Releases a New Collection - la Parisienne Metadata Description: Discover the new line from Whimzy Tees: La Parisienne. The collection features five Paris-inspired sub-categories that bring the colors and atmosphere of the city to life...