PRESS RELEASE: Whimzy Tees Teams with Ulule

Whimzy Tees Teams with Ulule

Metadata Title: Whimzy Tees Crowdfunding Project with Ulule
Metadata Description: Interested customers can achieve great discounts and exclusive access to the Pinup Girl collection from Whimzy Tees when they participate in its Ulule project. Learn more here.
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The Basics

We are launching a new collection via the Ulule crowdfunding platform which will only be available during the crowdfunding process. We chose this option as a great way to bring attention to our store, raise funds and showcase our newest collection: The Pinup Girl. This private and exclusive collection is only available to contributors / users of the Ulule platform. This groundbreaking new collection, the Pinup Girl, celebrates and embraces the power of the feminine divine within all of us and to challenge societal norms. It's a 'no holds barred, no excuses, and no fucks given!" approach to fashion. We think you'll love it!

This new collection from Whimzy Tees pushes boundaries with its in-your-face sex appeal with clothing items that will see you through just about any physical activity (wink-wink) or excursion. It includes five (5) Product Groups (sub collections) with 40 total coordinates to suit your whimzy and help you fully express yourself and your signature style. Our fantabulous Pinup Girl line combines fun vintage flair with chic contemporary styles. Find the perfect tee, rashguard, all-over-print sweatshirt, leggings, or crop top decorated with the ultimate pinup girl. Be your sexy self and stand in your power while supporting items from this collection.


There are two ways to support our campaign. The first is to simply buy merchandise from our ecommerce store. Have you shopped the Whimzy Tees website before? It's an easy-to-navigate online store that features art-inspired and unconventional fashion lines that include coordinate pieces and multiple styles, including genderless garment offerings like tees and sweatshirts.

The second option is to support us directly with financial contributions through Ulule. Our goal is a modest one of only $3000 to help defray our day-to-day costs and pay staff for outreach to boutiques and small chain enterprises. Ulule users receive up to 40% off items from this collection when they shop our store (special code required). Contributors on the Ulule platform will receive various levels of rewards including free gear (i.e. a tee or other item) depending on the level of their contribution.

About Ulule

Ulule is a crowdfunding platform (based in France) that helps creators get their amazing ideas and projects financed with the help of interested and supportive donors. The Ulule community is currently made up of 2.5 million members and is still growing. Currently, the platform has made more than 30,000 projects a reality. The Ulule community is particularly committed to projects that contribute to the concept of a better world. It supports projects that, in turn, support diversity, sustainability, and positivity. Ulule has been helping creators and non-profit organizations make their visions come to life since 2010. Whimzy Tees is delighted to have received a personal invitation as a woman-owned business to participate in a campaign on the Ulule platform. If you're interested in supporting Whimzy Tees, visit the site to learn more and consider making a contribution on their launch date of October 31, 2019.

About Whimzy Tees

Whimzy Tees is an ecommerce store that launched in 2018. It specializes in clothing inspired by art, fantasy, individualism, and global influences. Our clothing lines frequently feature special collections based on themes. Recent lines include Original Vintage inspired by the poster artists and illustrators of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s as well as a Fairy Land, Unicorns, and Animals-related collection. Love Mid-Century Modern? Check out our eclectic patterns and fun retro styles of our 70's inspired tees.

Whimzy Tees loves scouring the globe as well as the past to find amazing inspirations that translate marvelously onto our contemporary pieces. The fact of the matter is, it's not all about the design; comfort matters too! Whimzy Tees clothing is designed to move with you--not against you. The leggings and capris hug the contours of your body. The tees and t-shirt dresses are airy and soft as well as sexy and a little bit sassy! Yes, you can have comfort and style--your cake and eat it--with Whimzy Tees coordinating pieces.

In addition, Whimsy Tees has also expanded our merchandise to bring customers coordinating accessories like shoes, socks, and even backpacks! We've been inspired by our initial success and it inspires us to design more eclectic merchandise for our inventory. You're not going to find items like these--at prices like these--at big box stores. We love seeing customers flaunt their own individual style--and we support that with our eclectic fashion offerings.

Born in the U.S.A.

All products by Whimzy Tees are designed in sunny California, USA, and over 90% of our production takes place in the United States as well. We take pride in delivering you exclusive and unique styles and patterning that can't be found elsewhere. With access to manufacturing facilities in the US, Mexico, and Europe, we've got the world--and you--covered. So take a walk on the wild side and shop Whimzy Tees! Our clothing is fashion forward but also designed for comfort and everyday wearability.

Our Customer

The independent rock star personality. Is this you? The person who appreciates statement pieces that are not only uniquely colorful and patterned but tell a story--a story that resonates with you, a story you want to share. We exist for the person who doesn't dare hide their light under a bushel or shy away from attention. If you could use a little more spotlight, slip on something from Whimzy Tees and start turning heads.

Giving Back Thru Charity

At Whimzy Tees, we believe in giving back and paying our success forward. Five percent of every purchase is donated to a worthy cause of your choosing. We provide six organizations from which to choose, like Ashton Kutcher's THORN as well as PFLAG and RAINN. See our complete list of charitable organizations here:

Just like Ulule, we want to achieve a positive impact on the world. Supporting worthy charities embodies our values and helps us demonstrate to our supporters and customers that we care--and we know our customers care too! With each purchase, you can adorn yourself in something magnificent--and give to a charitable cause that we think is simply magnificent too.

The Collection

Browse the entire new Pinup Girl collection here or simply click on the images below. Why pinup girls, you might ask? During the early 20th century, pinup girls--images of sexy women--were regarded as a sort of taboo. As the century progressed and the popularity of the pinup model increased, pinup art became more mass produced and more widely beloved. Sure, some of the imagery is racy, but don't let that stop you from flaunting your bold pinup style.

The pinup girl peaked during the years of WWII and into the 1950s. We feature many of these glamour girls in our exclusive line. Bikini-clad babes in polka dots, curvaceous vixens with little--very little--to hide, sky-high heels that sizzle with sultry appeal--our line is hot. If you like it hot, we invite you to get to know the Pinup Girl collection today.

We also invite you to watch our video to learn more about our crowdfunding campaign on Ulule.


Background: Anita Davenport (Founder, Designer, Social Media Marketer)


I'm Anita and the founder of Whimzy Tees. My path to fashion iconism started in early childhood, specifically the 1970s and has continued with zeal to this day. I turned my early passion for Ditto Jeans into a career in fashion. I grew up in Southern California, attended high school in Northern Virginia, went to college in Pennsylvania and have lived in the Pacific Northwest (Mercer Island) and even the Midwest (Michigan). I also have a Bachelor of Science in French and a minor in international business. It's no wonder my fashion influences are diverse! I'm a product of multiple influences and diverse styles.

By junior high, I had more than 20 pairs of designer jeans--Jordache, Sasson, Gloria Vanderbilt, Sergio Valente, Calvin Klein. I was drawn to fashion, but it didn't take long for me to want to transcend the latest trends, to put my own spin on them much the same way Molly Ringwald's character does in Pretty in Pink. I also took this time to branch into making my own clothes from patterns and conceptually from my imagination during two years’ of study in Home Economics (I know, old-fashioned).

I quickly discovered that I like pushing boundaries and getting a marked reaction with my wardrobe choices--never one to accept the restrictions placed on me by society. I wore boys' clothes (including neck ties) with enthusiasm at a time when that was considered strange or even unacceptable. I sported wacky color and pattern combinations in a glorious attempt to break fashion rules and norms. I've been doing it ever since! And then there are shoes…!

I have always been an independent thinker and dresser who captivated people with my unique and often flamboyant wardrobe choices. You might say my fashion aesthetic is the love child between Harajuko Station and Parisian underground; I'm a Victorian rock star, a retro aficionado with a modern twist, a devotee of the eclectic, Bohemian, and free-spirited styles. Even my personal backpack has a fluffy unicorn on it and it is my favorite bag to carry around. In short, I love brave fashion choices and I celebrate this bravery in my Whimzy Tees styles.  I like to tell people I have multiple personalities and I choose my clothing to express them ALL.

Throughout my life, my wardrobe styles never exemplified or conformed to the norm or the mainstream. I looked beyond what people deemed as trendy at the time; I searched for my own cutting edge in order to tell my story in the clothing I chose to wear. It is from that spirit and authentic attitude that I have chosen to expand Whimzy Tees from t-shirts to all-over print sweatshirts, leggings, capris, rashguards, and more.

Background: Aziz Smahi (Tech Guru, Guy Friday, E-mail Campaign Manager)

Aziz is Whimzy Tees's tech guru. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (from l’Araichi Superior Institute of Technology in Morocco) and certifications as a CCNA and MCSE. No task is too big or too small.  With his vast technical knowledge, he handles web programming, APIs, bug troubleshooting, application and technology research, email marketing, and more. Not only that--he does it all in a volunteer capacity while maintaining his own full-time career. Aziz dedicates his free time to helping Anita get ready for her exciting crowdfunding campaign. And, she has to admit--he's the best ex-husband in the whole world!

Yes! Of course there's a story here! Aziz met Anita during her college years. He proposed after just two weeks of dating! The two wed and remained married for eight years. Although they decided to part as husband and wife, the two remain the closest of friends and confidants.

Aziz is also no stranger to the world--stress on 'world'-- of fashion. Born in Morocco, he is the son of a clothing manufacturer and seller. Aziz's father sold his garments all over Morocco as well as abroad. Aziz learned about the global fashion industry first hand while assisting his father, and while he enjoyed the fashion marketplace, he decided to study in America where he could expand upon his technical education and practice his English (his fourth language). He's committed to helping Anita achieve her dream with her launch of Whimzy Tees on the big stage.


The idea for Whimzy Tees was conceived in the midst of building another brand and a different store entirely. That store (That Hoody Shop) focused on genderless urban wear that was more an expression of individual style than on what body parts you were born with. In sourcing products for That Hoody Shop, which also included whimsical and artistic tees, I began to envision the creation of my own brand--my own tees that would express my quirkiness and love for the strange and unusual.

While my initial conception is on display at the Whimzy Tees website, I am thrilled to report that this conception continually evolves as I draw on a world of inspiration and feedback from our customers. I am always excited to launch a new product line because as I delight in my customers' enjoyment, I also get to go back to the drawing board--envisioning and creating a new line that will also fascinate and inspire wearers.

A Dream Realized

It was that quirkiness and artistic nature that led to the launch of our ecommerce store in 2018. With each sale of a Whimzy Tees garment, we get to share our dream with someone else! Someone who cares about supporting creative entrepreneurs, who loves art, who loves to wear art, and is enthusiastic about eclectic fashions.

Haven't we all been there? Scouring the department store for just the right piece? Searching high and low for something distinctive, something that's unlike the cookie-cutter fashions that everyone else is wearing. Whimzy Tees is about refreshing that enthusiasm we have for finding the perfect tee (clothing item) and building an outfit or a wardrobe around it--not just the right design, but the one that feels sumptuously soft against our skin, the one we want to wear with our favorite jeans and jacket. The one that winds up in the laundry pile every single week.

You'll find tees like that at Whimzy Tees as well as many other garment styles such as capris, leggings, socks, sweatshirts, rashguards, mini skirts, mini dresses, and even shoes! If you love fashions that help you stand out in a crowd, consider purchasing from us or becoming a part of our Ulule crowdfunding campaign. Feel free to contact Whimzy Tees if you want to learn more--and be sure to check out our exclusive Pinup Girls line.