Press Release: Whimzy Tees Releases Adorable Dog Dayz Collection

Press Release: Whimzy Tees Releases Adorable Dog Dayz Collection

Metadata Title: Whimzy Tees Releases Adorable Dog Dayz Collection
Metadata Description: WhimzyTees releases new awe-inspiring collection
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Description: Celebrate canine style with the new collection Dog Dayz from Whimzy Tees. The line features sumptuously soft fabrics and styles for men and women.

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Add canine flair to your wardrobe with the whimsical new Dog Dayz collection by Whimzy Tees. This fun garment collection features a plethora of paws and sweet doggie expressions that are stitched to perfection on comfort clothing like leggings and tees. Many of the items in the line are created in unisex styles, and there are even coordinating shoes as well as a matching backpack that's exclusive to the line. Peruse the new collection on the Whimzy Tees website to find the ideal breed of clothing for you!

Pup-Inspired Imagery

The Dog Dayz line from Whimzy Tees brims with pup-inspired imagery and celebrates man's best friend. In the Stormy Weather Sweatshirt, two adorable pups cozy up beneath an umbrella to weather the storm. The Jingle Pug Tee features a precocious pug surrounding by chic contrasting patterns. If you're a dog lover, you'll love this adorable new line.

Clowning Around

The Dog Dayz clothing line features a couple clownish inclusions that you don't want to miss. The vibrant Clowning Around T-Shirt Dress features a bold all-over design. The large clown-face recalls circus days, balloons, and parades! You'll love the big-top design that strewn with intense primary hues. The line also includes a Clowning Around rashguard, capris, and sweatshirts.

Chic Contrasting Patterns

The Dog Dayz clothing line features whimsical patterns that include quatrefoil shapes, bold floral images, and diamond prints. The patterns complement the main imagery and also provide a bold contrast to one another. The patterns also coordinate delightfully from piece to piece.

Comfort You Can Wear

The Dog Dayz collection from Whimzy Tees features super soft and stretchy fabrics. Fabrics like spandex, cotton, and polyester underscore this ultra-cozy collection. Many of the items have been hand sewn after printing.

Visit Whimzy Tees to peruse the online Dog Dayz collection available now. Whimzy Tees accepts all credit cards for your payment convenience via PayPal or Amazon Pay.