Whimzy Tees Releases Koala-Ki Collection


February 7, 2020

Anita Davenport

Los Gatos, CA (whimzytees.com)

Whimzy Tees Releases Koala-Ki Collection

Browse the new Koala-Ki collection that's exclusively available now from Whimzy Tees. Whimzy Tees founder designed the line to celebrate Australia's wildlife and the challenges it now faces.


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Whimzy Tees has released a brand-new exclusive product line: Koala-Ki. Rich with koala imagery, the line pays homage to Australia’s indigenous wildlife like the koala who have suffered so much in the wake of recent fires and tremendous habitat devastation. Whimsy Tees founder Anita Davenport encourages fashionistas to ‘celebrate the healing energy of the koala as you spread good chi.’ Koala-Ki (aka Koala Chi) items are now available on the Whimzy Tees webstore.


Anita decided to recently take time out from preparing for her RAW Artists Showcase that was held last month in San Francisco to create this line to celebrate the koala bear and all those Australian animals who have been so overwhelmingly affected by the fires that have ravished thousands upon thousands of acres. The loss of wildlife and habitat will not be a challenge that’s easily surmounted. Australia’s wildlife will likely need support for many years to come. Anita hopes to keep these Aussie creatures on everyones’ minds with her Koala-Ki line.


As you peruse the Koala-Ki collection, you’ll see the same attention to detail and quality that Whimzy Tees is known for. The line features clothing articles such as sweatshirts, traditional tees, crop tees, rashguards, and leggings. The clothing features a medley of neutral hues such as gray, black, and white; strewn against a pink background. Each article also showcases bold contrasting mosaic patterns that complement the iconic koala imagery. These items are made to order as Whimzy Tees is acutely aware of its carbon footprint and keeping it as small as possible.


Koala lovers will also find a range of additional collection items that include fanny packs, ceramic mugs, beach bags, laptop sleeves, and even a stainless steel travel mug. These unique items make extraordinary gifts in their own right but also because they pay tribute to Australia’s unique wildlife and one of the country’s leading animal ambassadors, the ever-charming koala bear.


Remember, when you order an item from Whimzy Tees, 5% of every purchase goes to charity. At the time you place your order, you’ll be able to select from a list of current charities that Whimzy Tees is supporting like THORN that provides tools for the rescue of sex-trafficked children and RAINN which provides counseling and services to survivors of rape and incest.  Send out good ki--chi with the purchase--of any item in our store.


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