Whimzy Tees Releases Geoffrey Bean Collection


February 6, 2020

Anita Davenport

Los Gatos, CA (whimzytees.com)

Whimzy Tees Releases Geoffrey Bean Collection

Whimzy Tees pays homage to the humble camel and the recent devastation they've faced in Australia) in its exciting new collection: Geoffrey Bean. Browse the new line to find sweatshirts, tees, beach bags, mugs, and more.


Whimzy Tees is pleased to release our Geoffrey Bean Collection, an exclusive line that celebrates the camel / dromadaire. Camel dromedarius, one of three surviving species of camels, is native to Arabia where it continues to be relied upon for trade and transportation. This new Geoffrey Bean Collection pays homage to the Arabian and Bactrian camel with one-of-a-kind clothing articles and accessories that are made to order. Whimzy Tees is thrilled to celebrate the personable and indispensable camel in this collection that’s now available on the company’s webstore.  Discover your new look by shopping with Whimzy Tees today. Peruse the eclectic new camel-inspired Geoffrey Bean collection or other lines that are also noted for their fashion-forward designs and high-quality fabrics.


Whimzy Tees has long features celebrated animal ambassadors in its signature clothing lines. The Geoffrey Bean collection spotlights an animal that is still integral to life in places such as Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Somalia, Ethiopia, India, and Afghanistan. And recently brought again to the forefront due to populations being devastated in Australia (an import of the Indian traders who used them for transport) during the fires. According to lore, if a one-humped camel enters your life, you need to find an oasis to refresh your soul. If a two-humped camel makes its presence known, you must rely upon your inner wellspring to navigate the changes and opportunities before you.


Of course, if you treat yourself to new items from the Whimzy Tees Geoffrey Bean collection, you are bound for fashion greatness. Each item features a big and bold camel that looks real enough to hug. Browse the collection to find garments such as traditional sweatshirts, slouchy sweatshirts, mini skirts, tees, tees, leggings, and rash guards. You’ll also find exciting accessories such as ceramic mugs, stainless steel travel mugs, travel bags, beach bags, and laptop sleeves.


Each item in the Geoffrey Bean collection is coordinated with every other, so you can mix and match the articles to create your own signature look. The line boasts vibrant shades of pink, green, maroon, black, and tan; often mixed into unique mosaics. Items also reveal bold contrasting patterns such as paisley, stripes, and geo. Colors and patterns combine to create clothing you simply cannot find anywhere else except the Whimzy Tees webstore. 


Whimzy Tees is an online boutique specializing in exclusive collections that include tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, rashguards and more.  Whimzy Tees, known for its alluring styles, eclectic designs, and vibrant color palettes loves to push boundaries. These art-inspired garments aren’t available anywhere except on the Whimzy Tees e-commerce site.  One of the hallmarks of Whimzy Tees collections is their chic coordinating colors and contrasting patterns. This allows shoppers to mix and match separate articles to create their own signature ensembles.  Whimzy Tees has also recently partnered with That Hoody Shop to produce a line of hoodies and joggers for the sophisticated millennial shopper who appreciates unique and limited edition designs.


The independent rock star personality. The person who appreciates statement pieces that are not only uniquely colorful and patterned but tell a story--a story that resonates with you, a story you want to share. We exist for the person who doesn't dare hide their light under a bushel or shy away from attention. If you could use a little more spotlight, slip on something from Whimzy Tees and start turning heads.


Whimzy Tees is proud to donate 5% of each purchase to a charity. When you place your order from Geoffrey Bean clothing and accessories or items from other featured collections, you can choose from the current list of charities supported by Whimzy Tees. Whimzy Tees is also committed to sustainable production practices. All items are made-to-order in order to minimize waste and reduce excessive warehousing and shipping costs.