Whimzy Tees Partners with RAW Artists SF


December 12, 2019

Anita Davenport

Whimzy Tees Partners with RAW Artists SF

Los Gatos, CA (whimzytees.com)--RAW Natural Born Artists has announced a premiere event featuring Whimzy Tees plus other artists and designers. This new partnership between Whimzy Tees and RAW celebrates the incredible contribution that contemporary artists like Davenport make to the world today. The premiere is set to take place in San Francisco on January 29th at 7 PM with tickets available now. RAW Natural Born Artists spotlights global talent in fashion as well as other areas of the arts like film, music, performance art, etc.


Whimzy Tees is an online boutique specializing in exclusive collections that include tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, rashguards and more.  Whimzy Tees, known for its alluring styles, eclectic designs, and vibrant color palettes loves to push boundaries. These art-inspired garments aren’t available anywhere except on the Whimzy Tees e-commerce site.  One of the hallmarks of Whimzy Tees collections is their chic coordinating colors and contrasting patterns. This allows shoppers to mix and match separate articles to create their own signature ensembles.  Whimzy Tees has also recently partnered with That Hoody Shop to produce a line of hoodies and joggers for the sophisticated millennial shopper who appreciates unique and limited edition designs.


The independent rock star personality. The person who appreciates statement pieces that are not only uniquely colorful and patterned but tell a story--a story that resonates with you, a story you want to share. We exist for the person who doesn't dare hide their light under a bushel or shy away from attention. If you could use a little more spotlight, slip on something from Whimzy Tees and start turning heads.


This event will be the only chance for admirers of the brand to see Whimzy Tees' vibrant designs up close and feel the sumptuous fabrics in person. The show starts at 7 pm and wraps up around 11 pm with a fashion show. Throughout, you will be entertained by live music, visual art displays, performance art and pop-up shops.

Whimzy Tees will be debuting two new collections for this show. The first, Syren, celebrates the ethereal nature and strength of the divine feminine. Each sub-collection features the visage of one female character/heroine and heavy doses of graffiti/street art (whimzytees.com/collections/syren). The other collection, entitled 'Carnivale' will include retro circus designs and everything under the Big Top. In addition, Whimzy Tees will showcase items from past collections including 'Pinup Girls' and 'Original Vintage.'


RAW Natural Born Artists is on a mission to showcase the work of its independent artist partners online and internationally. It has created a dynamic platform to highlight international talent--artists who are today’s leading influencers of their given fields. Given her background in fashion and design, Davenport is an ideal partner for RAW and its diverse, worldwide audience.


When perusing Whimzy Tees collections, be sure to remember that 5% of every purchase will be donated to a charity of their choosing. Under Davenport’s helm, Whimzy Tees is devoted to concepts of community, charity, and sustainability. Clothing is made to order so that no warehousing--no overstock--is involved. Her commitment to sustainable business practices places her on the cutting edge of fashion manufacturing as well as fashion design.


Visit the Whimzy Tees website to check out its latest collections, shop and sign up for alerts about news and upcoming collections.  Also don't forget to purchase tickets for the RAW-Whimzy Tees premiere available at rawartists.com/ maverickgirlfashion or sponsor their crowdfunding campaign to cover their expenses for the showcase.  Contact them directly for details on how you can support them along their journey or schedule interviews.