Whimzy Tees Garners a Win


February 7, 2020

Anita Davenport

Los Gatos, CA (whimzytees.com)


Whimzy Tees Garners a Win

Whimzy Tees announces an exciting artist collaboration resulting in an exclusive new line of clothing and accessories: Mr Hydde.

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Last month, Whimzy Tees appeared at a RAW Artist premiere in San Francisco with their wares in tow and a few models to work the floor and showcase their unique prints.  Whimzy Tees featured two brand new lines including Syren (graffiti art-based female heroines) and Carnivale (scenes from under the big top) plus a few favorites including their ever-popular Pinup Girls.  Sexy was the name of the game and the models were well equipped for exposure, wearing oversized sweatshirts as mini-dresses. Alongside Whimzy's eclectic fashions, other artists also presented their work. The RAW platform provides national exposure for featured artists and also allows for networking opportunities with industry experts as well as other artists.



After a very successful showing and sales of their garments in their mini pop-up store at RAW, Whimzy Tees seized upon the public awareness and reached out to visual artists around the globe for possible collaboration. One such artist, Mr Hydde is the first collaboration of its kind for this uber-unique shop where art is turned into fashion on a daily basis.  The partnership will result in new collections (with some already hitting the airwaves) available exclusively at Whimzy Tees for limited engagements only (6 weeks or less).  Mr Hydde is a Toronto-based visual artist whose work celebrates pop art and graffiti in paintings for the home and outdoor spaces. 




With this collaboration, Whimzy Tees is making art not only wearable but affordable for the masses.   As not everyone's budget allows for purchasing original art in the thousands of dollars ($$$$), Whimzy Tees offering of the Mr Hydde collection will allow his fans (current and new) to purchase and make use of his art without breaking the bank.  The collaboration while being the first for Whimzy Tees, will not be its last as other collaborations are already in the pipeline.  Keep on the look out for collaborations not just with visual artists but with body paint aficionados who will bring their talents to showcasing not just their master of body art application but the illustrations and designs only available at Whimzy Tees.


Under the collection moniker, Mr Hydde, there will be several sub-collections built around a particular work of art.  The clothing will be entirely designed by Whimzy Tees and sold exclusively in their online store.  It's a perfect marriage between similar design styles (pops of bright colors), use of unique shapes/patterns, and Whimzy Tee's new direction brought forth by its graffiti-based Syren collection.  An exciting array of clothing options and accessories like travel mugs, laptop sleeves and phone cases will be available for the art collectors among us.  

The exclusive sub-collections currently available include: Love You, Prayer in the Dark, and Okinawa FLOWRZ. The Mr Hydde collection on Whimzy Tees features elements of modern art, pop art, and graffiti art to reflect the sensibilities of both entities.  Mr Hydde, a pseudonym for the Toronto artist, has expressed a love for Whimzy Tee's “design brilliance” and how they're able to take his original works and expound on them with coordinating colors and contrasting patterns and create new expressions of art.  These art-based collections are available for a limited time with this first set closing come March 15, 2020. At such time, new collections will roll out and the campaign will be capped off by an auction of one-of-a-kind hoodies from the aforementioned groupings for the avid art collector.




The new Mr Hydde @ Whimzy Tees collection captures the collaborative spirit of this new artist partnership. Fans of Whimzy Tees are already familiar with their enthusiasm for vintage and modern art styles. Many of their clothes and accessories boast a dazzling spectrum of color and pattern. All of the designs available in their online store accentuate their love for bold color combinations and unconventional pattern pairings. The result is a line that brims with shades of violet, blue, and orange as well as Picasso-esque shapes and patterns that lend a marvelously dizzying aesthetic to each item.

Shop for items in this collection such as sweatshirts, tees, mugs, scarves, dresses, and more. Many of the items are unisex. As with all Whimzy Tees purchases, a portion (5%) of each sale goes to one of six charities of the purchasers' choosing. Take time to explore this exciting new collection that’s currently available on the Whimzy Tees website.



Whimzy Tees continues to set itself apart from its competitors with its focus on incorporating vibrantly-colored art, a mis-match of patterning (sometimes combining four or more patterns/backgrounds into one garment); and sourcing non-mainstream designs. Because items are made to order and not mass produced or warehoused, Whimzy Tees is able to keep its carbon footprint small and offer fresh selections every few weeks. A love of art and artistic expression is clear throughout their store; and of course, a love of all things whimsical.  They believe clothing should not only be practical but fun as evidenced by their Dog Dayz, Carnivale, and Cat-e-chism lines. It's textile/applied arts on steroids that appeals to a particular niche market who appreciates art, bold colors, and unique patterning not found elsewhere.  And, their new collaboration with Mr Hydde is further testament to their eye to the unusual...the unique...the colorful world that is art.