Whimzy Tees Releases a New Collection - la Parisienne

Whimzy Tees Releases a New Collection - la Parisienne



Metadata Title: Whimzy Tees Releases a New Collection - la Parisienne
Metadata Description: Discover the new line from Whimzy Tees: La Parisienne. The collection features five Paris-inspired sub-categories that bring the colors and atmosphere of the city to life in garments made for lasting comfort.
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Lend French allure to your wardrobe with head-turning pieces from the new collection by Whimzy Tees: La Parisienne. Bold colors, artist-inspired patterns, and conversation-worthy designs are hallmarks of this adventuresome new collection from a brand that’s all about making daring fashion statements. The new collection is now available at the Whimzy Tees online store and promises to bring the vintage verve of a Montemarte boutique to your own closet.

La Parisienne features 11 sub-collections that define the line’s distinctively French appeal.  Each sub-category features coordinating pieces, colors, and patterns for both men and women. Few brands offer the level of artistic couture and comfort that Whimzy Tees does. Each garment is designed to flatter and accentuate while promoting freedom of movement and cozy softness. Browse each sub-category to find items that are sure to channel your inner Parisian!

La Parisienne and each of its sub-collections offers garments that are fun to mix and match. The collection as a whole celebrates Paris style with clothing that’s designed to be flaunted but made with all-day comfort in mind.  There is definitely something for everyone and every taste. Choose from tees, rashguards, t-shirt dresses, sweatshirts, tees, socks & more.

La Bicyclette

For the cycling enthusiast, La Bicyclette features vintage imagery from the bygone glory days of advertising greatness. In hues of seafoam green, pink, and yellow.

Casino Paris

Create a winning new look with these garments from the Casino Paris sub-collection. Animal prints, bright gold and crimson colors, and whimsical polka-dot patterns underscore the line’s vivacious appeal.

Le Gaulois

Le Gaulois garments put the whimsy in Whimzy Tees. This sub-category of the La Parisienne collection features bold farmyard imagery and a proud rooster as its main character.  A medley of patterns adds fun and fashionable flair to every piece. Bright colors of gold, blue, and red are a visual carnival to enjoy.


Vibrant jewel tones make each garment in the l’Opera sub-collection a statement piece. Shades of crimson, black, gold, and blue add drama and eye-catching appeal to every piece. 

La Parapluie

Inspired by rainy-day thoughts of Latin Quarter bookstores and Seine-side cafes. This dazzling line features shades of black, gold, pale blue, and crimson complemented by contrasting patterns and bold Art-Deco imagery.

La Cléopâtre

Egyptian-inspired patterns add ancient ambience to the line. Bold and daring colors of crimson, black, and gold add an enchanting touch to each garment. 

La Fée des Fleurs

Hues of gold, green, and blue lend a serene air to the La Fée des Fleur sub-collection of La Parisienne. Botanical patterns lend a soft touch to these garments that brim with old-world imagery. 

La Reine d’Arabie

La Reine d’Arabie features imagery inspired by French Orientalism, a late 19th century art movement that was especially popular with French painters. Vibrant colors like gold, crimson, and marine blue underscore the daring imagery that’s bathed in sensuality.

The Olivia

Based on the timeless artwork of Art Nouveau master, Alfonse Mucha, The Olivia sub-collection is a testament to the beauty of the female form. Featuring dazzling hues of gold, rich brown, and rose pink and geo-inspired patterns create a unique contrast with the flower-infused shirt-front imagery.

La Jaunie

La Jaunie was made for conversation and to turn heads due to the central image of an uber-confident woman blowing smoke into the air with a devil-may-care air about her. Shades of black, yellow, red, and green lend further boldness.

Blessés Espagnols

The Blesses Espagnols sub-collection features elegant shades of pale yellow, deep blue, and red that complement its central artistry. Botanical details underscore its Art Nouveau inspiration. The Art Nouveau movement was central to Paris’s late 19th century art scene.