Whimzy Tees and Their THORN Connection

Whimzy Tees has a reputation as an ecommerce business that’s not only committed to eclectic, quality-made clothing, but also to sustainable manufacturing processes / procedures and charitable giving. Recently, the founder of Whimzy Tees, Anita Davenport, opened up about her own experiences and why she dedicates a portion of each sale of merchandise to a charity or cause that is important to her and to supporters of Whimzy Tees. Davenport’s support of charitable organizations like THORN demonstrate how social-minded businesses like Whimzy Tees can contribute to society in a way that makes a positive difference in people’s lives.


The THORN organization may be familiar to many. It was founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse. To that end, THORN and its CEO Julie Cordua have focused extensively on “developing new technologies to combat online child sexual abuse.” Throughout the world, child sex trafficking remains a serious problem and THORN has spotlighted the fact that crimes of this nature are common in the United States too.

The THORN team invested resources into developing a prototype application in 2014 that could help with the identification of child sex trafficking victims--victims who were sold over the internet. THORN made the decision to develop this powerful tool and share it with law enforcement--for free. Many perpetrators of child sex exploitation use the internet to victimize children; THORN develops technology-based tools to help solve these crimes in its quest to provide justice for victims and to help protect other children from victimization.

The Founder’s Story

Davenport supports THORN and many other charities that are related to sex abuse, rape / incest, and child sex trafficking. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Davenport is committed to drawing attention to these crimes and supporting causes aimed at doing something to stop them and to support victims. Davenport has set up the Whimzy Tees platform to support charitable giving with each sale. At checkout, customers can choose from a list of Whimzy-Tees-supported charities; upon making payment, 5% of the sale is donated to the customer’s selection.

Whimzy Tees Charitable Donations

Currently, customers can choose between six different charities to support with their purchase of Whimzy Tees merchandise. Along with THORN, these charities include: Save the Rainforest, Surfrider, RAINN, Tree for the Future, and PFLAG. Each of these charities represents a cause that is important to Davenport and the team at Whimzy Tees.

To learn more about Whimzy Tees products and charities, visit the website for further information.