We are launching a new collection via the Ulule crowdfunding platform on October 31, 2019; my favorite day of the year. We chose this option as a great way to bring attention to our store, raise funds and showcase our newest collection, the Pinup Girl.   This is a private and exclusive collection only available to contributors/users of Ulule. This groundbreaking collection, the Pinup Girl, seeks to embrace and celebrate the power and beauty of the feminine divine within all of us and to challenge societal norms.  It's a 'No holds barred, no excuses, and no fucks given!' approach to fashion.

This collection looks to push boundaries with its in-your-face sex appeal with clothing items that will see you through just about any physical activity (wink-wink) or excursion.   Five (5) Products Groups (sub-collections) with 40 total coordinates to suit your whimzy and fully express yourself.  Find the perfect tee, rashguard, all-over-print sweatshirt, leggings or crop top decorated with the ultimate pinup girl. Be your sexy self and stand in your power while sporting items from this collection.



There are two ways to support our campaign.  The first of which is to simply buy merch at our store.  The second option is to support us by directly contributing funds through ULULE.  ULULE users receive up to 40% off items from this collection when they shop our store (special code required).  Contributors on the ULULE platform will receive various levels of rewards including free gear (i.e. a tee or other item) depending upon the level of their contribution.


All products are designed in California U.S.A. with over 90% of our production happening in the U.S. as well.  We take pride in delivering you exclusive and unique styles and patterning that can't be found elsewhere.  With access to manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Mexico and Europe, we've got the world...and you covered.  Take a walk on the wild side with Whimzy Tees! 


The independent rock star personality. The person who appreciates statement pieces that are not only uniquely colorful and patterned but tell a story. We exist for the person who doesn't mind standing out or causing controversy.  The person who doesn't dare hide their light under a bushel or shy away from attention.


At Whimzy Tees, we believe in giving back and playing our success forward. Five percent of every purchase is donated to a worthy cause of your choosing.  We provide 6 organizations from which to choose like Ashton Kutcher's organization THORN as well as PFLAG and RAINN.  See our full list at


Browse the entire collection at (or click on the picture links below).  Browse the store at https://whimzytees.comAnd, don't forget to watch our campaign video below.





I like to think of this sub-collection as 'I kissed a girl and I liked it!'  Those two are definitely keeping a secret.



Look at that naughty kitty.  He's definitely up to no you will also be when wearing an item from this sub-collection.



How about some afternoon delight to put some pep into your step?  Get it any way you can, but especially with an item from this sub-collection.  A more innocent pinup illustration but still naughty nonetheless with that pose and the most alluring glance. With a donation of $100 to $150, you will receive a free pair of socks with this print (shown below this graphic).



Aye-Aye Sailor!

Ahoy matey!  What or who do you think she's scouting on her sailing excursion.  Is it you?  She'll definitely be giving someone the 'eye' when you're wearing something from this sub-collection.


Bedtime Stories

 Wouldn't you just love to know what she's writing in that diary of hers?  That coy, mischievous grin almost gives it away.  Tell your own story while wearing an item from this sub-collection.

VaVA Voom!

Point taken and point made...loud and clear.  It's obvious why this sub-collection was thusly named.  Because those are the first words that comes to mind when gazing upon this print.  If you want to show your on VaVA Voom, you definitely need something from this line.  I guess you could say we saved the best for last.






My path to fashion iconism started in early childhood and has continued with zeal into current day.  I like pushing boundaries and getting a reaction with my wardrobe choices; never one to accept the restrictions placed on me by society.  From wearing boys' clothes at a time when that was considered strange or even unacceptable to sporting wacky color and pattern combinations.  And, let's not forget SHOES!

I have always been an independent thinker and dresser who captivated people with my unique and often flamboyant style. My wardrobe never exemplified or conformed to the norm or what was deemed trendy at the time. It is from that spirit and attitude that I have chosen to expand Whimzy Tees from t-shirts to all-over print sweatshirts, leggings, rashguards and more.



The idea for Whimzy Tees was conceived in the midst of building another brand and a different store entirely.  That store (That Hoody Shop) focused on genderless urban wear that was more an expression of individual style than on what body parts you were born with.  In sourcing products for this particular store which included whimsical and artistic tees, I began envisioning the creation of my own own tees that expressed my quirkiness and love of the strange.



It was that quirkiness and artistic nature that led to the launch of our ecommerce store in 2018. We started with tees made by others but soon switched to our own.  With each sale of a Whimzy Tees garment, we get to share our dream with someone else! Someone who cares about supporting creative entrepreneurs, who loves art, who loves to wear art, and is enthusiastic about eclectic fashions.

Haven't we all been there? Scouring the department store for just the right piece? Searching high and low for something distinctive, something that's unlike the cookie-cutter fashions that everyone else is wearing. Whimzy Tees is about refreshing that enthusiasm we have for finding the perfect tee (clothing item) and building an outfit or a wardrobe around it--not just the right design, but the one that feels sumptuously soft against our skin, the one we want to wear with our favorite jeans and jacket. The one that winds up in the laundry pile every single week.

You'll find tees like that at Whimzy Tees as well as many other garment styles such as capris, leggings, socks, sweatshirts, rashguards, mini skirts, mini dresses, and even shoes! If you love fashions that help you stand out in a crowd, consider purchasing from us or becoming a part of our Ulule crowdfunding campaign. Feel free to contact Whimzy Tees if you want to learn more--and be sure to check out our exclusive Pinup Girls line.