Meet The Owner v2

Anita Davenport Whimzy Tees Owner
Hi, I'm Anita and the founder of Whimzy Tees. My path to fashion iconism started in early childhood, specifically the 1970s and has continued with zeal to this day. I turned my early passion for Ditto Jeans into a career in fashion.

In my youth, I quickly discovered that I like pushing boundaries and getting a marked reaction with my wardrobe choices. I was never one to accept the restrictions placed on me by society. I'm a Victorian rock star, a retro aficionado with a modern twist, a devotee of the eclectic, Bohemian, and free-spirited styles. My wardrobe style has never exemplified or conformed to the norm or the mainstream. I always looked beyond what people deemed as trendy at the time; I searched for my own cutting edge in order to tell my story in the clothing I chose to wear. It is from that spirit and authentic attitude that I expanded Whimzy Tees from t-shirts to all-over print sweatshirts, leggings, capris, rash guards, and more.

Casino Paris Sweater

Casino Paris Sweatshirt

Felicity Hoody

Tahiti Girl Calypso Sweater and Capris

Tahiti Girl Calypso Sweater

Kiss and Tell Sweater

Get on UP! Deluxe LTD Hoody

Get on Up 70s Disco Hoody

Blessés Espagnols Sweater and Leggings

Masquerade de Paris Hoody

Masquerade de Paris Hoodie

Lord Shiva Rash Guard, Skirt and Leggings

Lord Shiva Rash Guard

Sunflowery Day Sweater, Skirt and Leggings

Sunflowery Day Sweatshirt

Coral Gables Bomber Jacket

Coral Gables Bomber Jacket

Winter Jubilee Hoody

Winter Jubileee Hoodie

Disco Queen Crop Hoody

Disco Queen Crop Hoodie

Winter Jubliee Rash Guard

Winter Jubilee Rash Guard

Raffaela Rashguard

Raffaela Rashguard