Whimzy Tees Caters to Fashionistas

Press Release: Whimzy Tees Caters to Fashionistas



Get your swank on while supporting a brand that donates to charity with every sale and makes garments to order to limit its carbon footprint. Whimzy Tees is a trendsetting brand that proves that successful businesses can do good things for communities and the environment. Whimzy Tees features a wide array of clothing lines that reflect a bold aesthetic intended for free-spirited fashionistas. With garments designed for both men and women, Whimzy Tees caters to rock star personalities who love to flaunt their fashionable flair.



Wearable Art


Whimzy Tees features clothing that boasts vintage art, contrasting patterns, and a chic-global aesthetic that transcends the ordinary. Clothing collections like Original Vintage, Dog Dayz, and Fairy Land underscore the company’s love of great artistic movements, illustrators, and artists. The garments feature color-rich graphics and adventuresome patterns. Many of the offerings sport all-over graphics and come in unisex styles.


Quality Fabrics


Clothes produced by Whimzy Tees feature high-quality fabrics like ringspun cotton, elastane, and polyester. Comfort is a cornerstone of every line; the fabrics hug the contours of the body and stretch to fit perfectly. When searching the website, you’ll find tees, sweatshirts, leggings, cabris, mini dresses, and more.


Charitable Giving


As part of its mission to improve community and make a difference in the world, Whimzy Tees will donate 5% of every sale to a charity chosen by customers. Currently, the company features a list of six charities from which customers can select when making their purchase. Charities like Ashton Kutcher’s Thorn and others like Rainn will receive a donation with every Whimzy Tees purchase.



Environmentally Friendly

Waste is a major issue for the garment industry--but not for Whimzy Tees. Whimzy Tees does not warehouse its items. Each item is made-to-order, so Whimzy Tees can dramatically reduce its carbon footprint and set an example for other companies wanting to do right by the environment...and the planet.

  • Made-to-order

  • Manufactured close to the end user

  • No mass production

  • Zero waste



Current Collections



Whimzy Tees boasts over 20 collections with many sub-collections within each one.  Whatever your fancy, they've got you covered.  With over 600 tops (tees, crop tops, sweatshirts and tanks), they are definitely true to their roots and have earned the right to be called 'T-shirt World.'  Customers can find Whimzy Tees current collections on the company’s website (whimzytees.com). Themes of fairies, dogs, unicorns, and mermaids will certainly capture your imagination.  You will also enjoy their newest collections:  Original Vintage, Fairy Land, and Dog Dayz.  Let the Fantasy Games begin!


Whimzy Tees Founder and Staff

 Founded by Anita Davenport and launched in 2018, Whimzy Tees reflects her passion for unconventional style. Some might say her fashion aesthetic is the love child between Harajuko Station and Parisian underground.  She created Whimzy Tees in order to deliver her distinctive styles to other fashionistas in search of comfortable clothing designed with unabashed personality.  She’s created a progressive brand that offers art-inspired clothing and is committed to charitable giving.