Press Release: Whimzy Tees Releases Vintage Poster Clothing Line


Press Release:  Whimzy Tees Releases Vintage Collection

Metadata Title: Whimzy Tees Releases Vintage Poster Clothing Line
Metadata Description: Whimzy Tees has released a new clothing line inspired by vintage poster art of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. The Vintage Poster clothing line features multiple styles for men and women.
Metadata Keyword: Whimzy Tees, Vintage Poster Tees, Art Deco Tees


Whimzy Tees has launched an exciting new clothing line based on vintage poster art centered around the Art Deco era. Ideal for art lovers, these tees draw inspiration from the arts and artists of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Whimzy Tees fun retro line doesn’t only extend to tees either! Fashionistas will find capris, leggings, sweatshirts, and various t-shirt styles. Many of the garments are unisex-friendly. Shoppers will find a wide selection with multiple sizing options. There are also matching shoes that coordinate superbly with the styles featured in the line.


Flaunt Your Graphic Style!

Whimzy Tees’s Vintage Poster line of clothing brims with intense graphics, bright colors, and period patterns that reflect the Art Deco era. The collection features geometric shapes that exude retro flair. You’ll find imagery that reflects 1920s style and color combinations. When perusing the line, look for hip quatrefoil patterns like you’ll see in the Cafe Deluxe Capris or the chic competing patterns of the Cafe Deluxe AOP Crop Tee. The line exudes vibrancy with its bold color combinations and distinctive retro images.


Artistic Inspiration

In order to create its signature new Vintage Poster line, Whimzy Tees looked to the chief poster artists of the era like the masterful fashion illustrator Rene Grau. The collection celebrates the art of vintage advertisements and renowned artistic movements. And, of course, it wouldn’t be Whimzy Tees if there weren’t some fabulous whimsical offerings like the fun “Floral Flapper Girl Crop Tee.”


International Flair

One of the unique features of this new collection by Whimzy Tees is its infusion of global influences. From the Moroccan-inspired quatrefoil patterns to the kimono-clad figures inspired by Kyoto, the imagery reflects a decided international flavor that complements the image artistry. Tahitian scenes, Galapagos seas, temple dancers, Native American chiefs--the images will wow you with their diverse inspirations.


High-Quality Fabrics

The new Vintage Poster collection from Whimzy Tees clearly has it in the looks department, but customers should also note that each garment is created with high-quality fabric. Some fabrics included in the line are ring-spun cotton, poly fleece, spandex, and elastane. The fabrics are designed to promote exceptional comfort. They move, cling, and stretch just the way you want them to. Moreover, the garments are oh-so-soft to the touch and feel great against the skin.


Shop the New Vintage Poster Line from Whimzy Tees

Customers can conveniently shop online to browse the new Vintage Poster collection by Whimzy Tees. Whimzy Tees features convenient payment options that include PayPal and Amazon Pay. Find something you love like the Beach Club AOC Crop Top or the Paris Follies AOC Crop Tee? Try the convenient express pay option and make your purchase in seconds flat.